We have brought together seemingly different products because they address the same problem. They help place your marketing message in the window.

Paper posters and styrene posters are placed from the inside, while various stickers can be applied to the outside of the window.

Options we offer but are not limited to:

1. Paper Poster: Printed on 100 lb gloss text with the possibility of matte or gloss lamination for UV protection and a finished look.
2. Styrene Poster: Printed on 20 pt – a low-cost, odourless, and non-toxic plastic sheet.

You can also consider printing options on corrugated plastic, foam core with thicknesses of 4 and 10 mm, aluminum panels, or PVC. For a better understanding of what suits you best, please contact one of our Customer Support Agents.

For external adhesion, choose sticky vinyl with optional lamination for extended durability. Ideal for partially covering windows, it ensures longevity while effectively displaying your message.

If you wish to cover windows completely while still allowing daylight to filter in during the day, our perforated vinyl is the ideal solution. This unique material provides full coverage for privacy or promotional purposes from the outside while allowing a clear view from the inside.

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